10 Symptoms of Chronic Dehydration

Chronic dehydration is very different and more dangerous than the acute form of this widespread problem. You may not be aware that you are suffering from chronic dehydration right now, as you read this.

That’s why we bring to you a list of common symptoms of chronic dehydration.

Read this and get yourself a glass of chilled water to quench your thirst.

1. Loss of energy and overall fatigue.

2. Constipation.

3. High blood pressure and low blood pressure.

4. Respiratory problems.

5. Excess weight gain and/or obesity.

6. Digestion issues.

7. Ulcers in the stomach – Gastritis

8. High cholesterol.

9. Skin issues like eczema.

10. Rheumatism.

Besides these, there are many other issues like urinary tract infections, cystitis, angina, lower back ache, diabetes, gout, bulimia, kidney stones, menstrual issues and premature aging that are all caused by a severe lack of water in our bodies.

A newborn is born with 80% water which gets reduced to about 70% in adults. Drinking enough water is critical for the proper functioning of a human body. These disorders are your body’s cries signalling shortage of water within.

So, go get a glass full of water right away.